Silicon Bronze 651 Fasteners

Silicon Bronze Fasteners

A strong or hard bronze. Silicon bronzes vary in composition from 91-98% copper, 0.5-3.5% silicon, 0-6% aluminum, 0-25 nickel, 0-1.5% zinc, and 0-2% tin. The silicon increase resistance to wear and corrosion, even in marine environments. Beyond fasteners, silicon bronze is used for wires (telephone and telegraph), bearings, valves, castings, and construction equipment. Silicon bronze gets tremendous appreciation for remaining rustproof even when submerged in chemicals and liquid for long time.

Silicon bronze hex bolts provide very good corrosion resistance. They can be used in gases, acids, and salts without corroding. It also offers superior strength to other metals like stainless steel and brass.

Not only does silicon bronze offer beneficial mechanical properties, but it is also used for its beautiful appearance as well.

Silicon bronze bolts and nuts also offer:

  • Non-magnetic properties

  • High thermal conductivity

  • Minimal clearance requirement

  • Friction reduction

Properties of Silicon Bronze Bolts

Silicon bronze fasteners offer a variety of properties, like corrosion resistance and high strength, that make them ideal for naval and marine applications. They are durable against salt water and extreme weather, making them useful for outdoor applications like deck and woodworking as well.
Silicon bronze bolts are also found in general construction projects, as well as in electrical circuitry in switchgears. They are also used in valves and process control equipment.
Silicon bronze 651 hex bolts and nuts are the standard material for yachts and power boats. They are also ideal for deck hardware, water tanks, and wood screws.

Common Applications for 651 Silicon Bronze Fasteners

  • General Construction Projects
  • Decks and Woodworking
  • Electrical Circuitry in switchgears
  • Valves
  • Process Control Equipment
  • Gas Exposure
  • Sewage
  • Power and Energy Industry
  • Minesweeping Equipment

Types of Silicon Bronze Fasteners

  • Bolts
  • Cap Screws
  • Machine Screws
  • Nuts
  • Rivets
  • Screws

Silicon Bronze 651 Fasteners (UNS C65100)

Standard products (hex bolts, nuts, screws, threaded rods) readily available.

Common Trade Name: Silicon Bronze 651, Copper Alloy 651

UNS: C65100

Specification: ASTM F467, F468, B99, B105

Approx. Room Temp. Mechanicals: UTS = 55 ksi; YS = 40 ksi;

Typical % Compositions Summary: Cu 98.5, Si 1.5