Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel Fasteners

We offer a variety of carbon steel fasteners including fully threaded rods which are fabricated in compliance with the international commercial standards. These are manufactured from quality raw material and are easy to assemble. Our products possess high tensile strength and made with precision in accordance with ANSI B18.31.3.

Carbon Steel Threaded Rods

Fully threaded rods are fasteners that have the thread across the complete length. The threading allows for nut products to easily attach onto the rod included with its flexibility and functionality. Threaded rods made for use in from the marine, construction, automotive, plumbing and manufacturing industries, or in applications where easy assembly and speed is required, are able to face a large amount of hysteria and function successfully pressurized. Among the different materials that are seen in the market, carbon steel comes out to be a well-known material having to its natural qualities. Because of its performance and flexibility, these rods have always remained in demand with threaded rod suppliers. Moreover, they can be used for different industrial applications. The rods are available in different types, components, sizes and diameters. A threaded rod is also known as a stud, which is intended to use in a number of applications. It is a large headscarf of steel, which is threaded on both ends. This is a significant industrial fastener that has a wide application area. You can acquire threaded rods in different diameters, sizes, types, and material; however, the choice of the material completely depends upon your application.  Among all the material, carbon steel threaded rods are most common because of their low price on the market. Threaded rod manufacturers provide you with these rods in different materials. Different thread types provide various advantages for different components and hence applications too. 

Carbon steel threaded rods posses high tensile strength and are manufactured in compliance with ANSI B18.31.3 international commercial standards.

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